The Schoolkids’ Rap

Miss was at the blackboard writing with the chalk,
When suddenly she stopped in the middle of her talk.
She snapped her fingers – snap! snap! snap!
Pay attention children and I’ll teach you how to rap.

She picked up a pencil, she started to tap.
All together children, now clap! clap! clap!
Just get the rhythm, just get the beat.
Drum it with your fingers, stamp it with your feet.

That’s right, children, keep in time.
Now we’ve got the rhythm, all we need is the rhyme.
This school is cool, Miss Grace is ace.
Strut your stuff with a smile on your face.

Snap those fingers, tap those toes.

Copyright: from The Poetry Chest (Oxford University Press, 2007), © John Foster 2007, used by permission of the author

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You will hear that John reads with quite a serious tone, even for the humorous poems – which perhaps adds to the amusement.

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