An Activity Just for Fun!

Here's a challenge for our intrepid poetry fans to solve.

We’ve set five questions about some of our favourite poems in the Archive.

To find the answers, all you have to do is search through our poems and listen out for the answers – and we’ve given you some clues in the questions to get you started.

This is just for fun, but if you like the poems you find you can also create your very own collection of them. Simply click on the heart symbol next to the poem and you can create your own collection in your MyArchive space and call it ‘Challenge No1. Then you can share it with your friends. Good luck!


The answers are below – no peeking until you are finished!

  • What does the ‘soft sea’ wash over in Michael Rosen’s poem?
  • What noise do cows make On The Ning Nang Nong?
  • Where did the Duelling Duo fight?
  • What was for breakfast in Hey Diddle Diddle?
  • What does the River baby suck in Valerie Bloom’s poem?
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Scroll down for the answers.....





  1. Over my toes
  2. Bong
  3. In the fort
  4. Bits of balsa wood and modelling glue
  5. His thumbs

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