A Ballroom for St Bernards

(In the Craigslands Hotel in Ilkey, Yorkshire, there is a large space call St Bernard’s Ballroom. Can it be for dancing dogs?)

Head to head
And paw to paw,
The big St Bernards
Tread the floor.

Round and round
The room they go
In a quickstep that
Is rather slow…

For at huge weights
The tip the scales,
Lolling their tongues
And wagging their tails!

Paw to paw
And snout to snout,
St Bernards all
Go stepping out,

And each tells each
As they foot it finely:
‘My Great Big Darling,
You dance divinely!’

Copyright: 'A Ballroom for St Bernards' from The Magic Box (Macmillan Children’s Books. 2009), © Kit Wright 2009, used by permission of the author.

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