Abbie Retty from Goodlyburn Primary



Uisge cho soilleir ri sgàthan, 

An adhar cho mòr ris an t-saoghail, 

Doras air taigh sgiobalta m’antaidh, 

Sùilean gleansach air mo charaid Stephanie, 

Dearcan blasta is milis ri ithe, 

Dealan-dè brèagha le sgiathan snog, 

Flùraichean a’fàs le fàileadh àlainn, 

Muile-mhagag làn phuinnsean. 

Gocan-gorm le òran ceòlmhòr. 



English Translation 




Water as clear as a mirror, 

The sky as big as the world, 

The door of my auntie’s neat house, 

My friend Stephanie’s sparkly eyes, 

Tasty blueberries so sweet to eat, 

A beautiful butterfly with lovely wings, 

Flowers growing with a lovely smell, 

A frog full of poison, 

A blue-tit with a musical song. 

Copyright: This poem was recorded as part of the Mother Tongue Other Tongue project.

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About Abbie Retty from Goodlyburn Primary

“I really like the colour blue and started to think of lots of things that were blue, I tried to use lots of describing words when I was thinking about all of the blue things. I also like purple so my next poem might be about purple things – I think this will be trickier.”

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