Jessica Smith from Monifieth High School

Les Imperfections d’amour


Ta main ne rentre pas dans la mienne,

Il n’est pas non plus sculpté dans le même marbre,

Plutôt, nos doigts s’enlacent inconfortablement,

Mais toujours l’un au côté de l’autre comme prévu,


Nos couleurs préférées ne sont pas complémentaires,

Rouge et jaune ne vont pas tout simplement,

Pourtant, ils s’embellissent,

Dans chaque aspect de nos vies,


Tu ne m’as jamais offert un rose,

Ou des chocolats chers,

Le pull que tu m’as donné ne me va pas,

Mais je le porte quand même,


Notre amour n’était pas écrit dans les étoiles,

Ou basé sur Romeo et Juliette,

C’était continuellement nourri,

Renforcé par toutes nos imperfection




The Imperfections of Love


Your hand doesn’t fit in mine,

Nor is it sculpted from the same stone,

Rather, our fingers entwine uncomfortably,

Although still next to each other as intended,


Our favourite colours aren’t complimentary,

Red and yellow just don’t go,

However they embellish themselves,

In every aspect of our lives,


You’ve never given me a rose,

Or fancy chocolates,

The hoodie you gave me didn’t fit,

But I wear it anyways,


Our love wasn’t written in the stars,

Or based off of Romeo and Juliette,

It was continuously nurtured,

Strengthened by imperfections

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About Jessica Smith from Monifieth High School

The aim of this poem is to take away all of the typical romantic expectations that we are shown in mainstream media and replace it with the reality of life- like the first line says: “Ta main ne rentre pas dans la mienne”. I wanted to show that even the things which don’t seem perfect actually can be if you’re with the right person and convey to the reader that we shouldn’t spend our time searching for something that we might not truly want.

I also think that it’s important that poetry analyses an aspect of human nature to give it proper meaning, so with this one I decided to portray the search for imperfection within our relationships. I think it’s perfectly human to want something which isn’t perfect since it is easier to keep a spark alive.

My favourite parts of the poem are the final lines in each stanza, after rejecting traditional ideas of romance, saying that their love still remains strong, despite having these preconceived “flaws”. I feel that this very nicely shows that we don’t need perfection for something to be perfect.

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