Shadan Alousy from Bishopbriggs Academy

المهندس الصغير


لي قطع من خشبِ                  ألهو بها في اللعِبِ

أصفها فتتكلم                        ثم جميعاً تنهدم

انُظر لما أُؤَسسُ                    إنى أنا المهندسُ

فاعترفوا لي بالفطنِ               ألستُ معمارياً إذن؟!




Baby Engineer


I have some wooden blocks

I have lots of fun playing with it

I stack them up and together

they make a lovely image

but then they all fall

look at what I can create

I am an engineer

admit that I’m smart and clever

am I not a good architect

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About Shadan Alousy from Bishopbriggs Academy

I picked this because it’s talking about a child who is very capable and knowing what they want to do when they’re older and them knowing what they enjoy to do, and can develop skills with knowing what they created.

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