Chancelvie Bembo from St Benedict’s High School

La Peur  


Nous vivons tous avec la peur en nous 


La peur de ne pas être à l’hauteur, la peur de perdre 

Nos proches, la peur de mourir ou de ne pas avoir 

suffisamment le temps de vivre, la peur de ne pas 

Atteindre nos objectifs, Refuser d’aime par petit de souffris, 

peur de nous retrouver dans le noir, nous avons peur de 

nous blesser à nouveau. 


La peur nous empêche d’aller de l’avant, cette peur 

Que nous fait croire que nous sommes incapables de 

faire mieux, cette peur nous empêche de croire en nous. 

En vraie notre plus grande peur cela peur. 



English Translation (by Lisa Hanna) 




We all live with a fear in us. 


The fear of not being good enough, the fear of losing 

Our loved ones, the fear of dying or of not having 

Enough time to live, the fear of not 

Achieving our goals, refusing to love for fear we should suffer, 

Fear of finding ourselves in the dark, we are frightened  

Of being hurt again. 


Fear stops us from moving forward, this fear 

Which makes us believe that we cannot 

Do better, this fear stops us from believing in ourselves. 

In truth our biggest fear is fear. 

Copyright: This poem was recorded as part of the Mother Tongue Other Tongue project.

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About Chancelvie Bembo from St Benedict’s High School

"I will just inform you that I am writing a poem about the fear I feel. I lived in the Congo and moved to Scotland in March 2020. I learnt a little English in the Congo and lived with my grandmother. My Dad lived in the Czech Republic and he is always studying. Then he moved to Scotland. He is a bus driver and is always studying. He is studying Psychology at Edinburgh University. My mother is at college, learning to be a midwife. This poem I wrote it because l live with a fear in me, the fear of losing my loved ones because life is so short. I have so much of my family and the people l know that I couldn't bear to lose them.”

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