Lucia Conetta from The Glasgow Academy

La Danse 


J’adore la danse; c’est ma passion,  

Quand je danse, j’ai la sensation 

De voler comme un oiseau, haut dans le ciel,  

Ou de tourner une pirouette, comme un carrousel. 


J’aime sauter comme un chat, gracieux et fort, 

Et je fais toujours un grand effort. 

J’écoute de la musique et je danse avec beaucoup d’énergie, 

Parce que j’adore la danse; la danse c’est ma vie! 





I love dance; it is my passion,  

When I dance I have the sensation 

Of flying like a bird, high in the sky,  

Or of turning a pirouette like a carousel. 


I like to jump like a cat, graceful and strong, 

And I always put in a big effort. 

I listen to the music and dance with a lot of energy,  

Because I love dance; dance is my life! 

Copyright: This poem was recorded as part of the Mother Tongue Other Tongue project.

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About Lucia Conetta from The Glasgow Academy

"I wrote my poem about dance because I go to ballet classes and I love to dance. The language of ballet is French and the steps all have French names e.g. one of my favourite steps is a jumping step called pas de chat, which means step of the cat. The image of cat in my mind helps me to dance the step correctly. My teacher often uses imagery or similes in class to help us get the feeling of the steps, and this also made me think that dance would be a good topic for my poem.

I am learning French at school and I have been to France on holiday three times in my life so far, and I can’t wait to go back again. Dancing is a big part of my life and learning what the French terms mean has helped me progress with my ballet technique."

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