Regina Wyllie from Loudoun Academy

Има снимка эакачена 

На стената в хола ми 

От мен на 4 години 

Очите ми са широко отворени и 

Светло син 

И усмивката ми е недокосната и 



Има огледало закачено 

На стената в хола ми 

И виждам себе си в него 

Не приличам на мен на 4 години 

Защото съм на 15 и съм различна. 

Изглеждам уморенна, 

И променен поради екстремни метеорологични условия в главата ми 


Как ще изглеждам когато съм на 30, 

Ако сега изглеждам толкова различна? 

В момента е най-възрастният, който някога съм била 

И не мога да си представя как ще изглежда огледалото ми 

Когато отново съм непознат на себе си 





There’s a photo hanging up 

On my living room wall 

Of me at 4 years old 

My eyes are wide and 

Bright blue 

And my smile is untouched and 



There’s a mirror hanging up 

On my living room wall 

And I see myself in it  

I do not look like me at 4 years old 

Because I am 15 and different. 

I look tired, 

And altered due to extreme weather conditions in my head 


What will I look like when I’m 30, 

If I look so different now? 

Right now is the oldest I’ve ever been 

And I can’t imagine what my mirror will look like 

When I’m a stranger to myself again 

Copyright: This poem was recorded as part of the Mother Tongue Other Tongue project.

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About Regina Wyllie from Loudoun Academy

"I wanted to write a poem which is a comment on ageing and how it feels to someone in the younger generation, even though the age change isn’t extremely drastic. I feel that everyone notices the miniature changes in their appearance daily, but they don’t fully recognise how much they’ve changed over time until one specific moment that makes them question essentially everything. I wanted to write a poem about this feeling because I believe it is a universal experience, but no-one talks about it. It’s something which plagues my mind often, so I wanted to share it with you, in hope that if you too feel this, you’ll feel a little less alone in your fear of the unknown realm of the future."

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