I stay at Mum’s for half the week 

 the other half at Dad’s.  

Both of them re-married  

to people not that bad.  


I’ve got a baby sister  

she looks like me they say.  

When I’m at my dad’s, I miss her –  

she changes every day.  


Mum picks me up from Dad’s house  

but never rings the bell:  

it makes her sad to see him –  

she won’t say but I can tell.  


Rules are really different  

to be honest, it’s a pain –  

I can tell you’ve been at his house –  

Dad says just the same.  


I’ve got some mates to chill with  

but I’m only here part time –  

they’ve got mates they’re tighter with  

and I don’t mind, it’s fine. 


The ‘steps’ don’t do that much with me  

but say they want me there –  

still I always get the feeling  

they’re glad I’m out their hair. 


 I don’t detest this life of mine  

but wish I could’ve had  

a chance to see what things were like  

just me and Mum and Dad.  


They did the best they could, I s’pose  

the rest is out their hands.  

I’ve tried to talk about it  

but no one understands.  


They see a clever, cocky kid  

expensive bike and phone  

two happy loving houses –  

when all I want’s a home

Copyright: from Bright Bursts of Colour (Bloomsbury Education, 2020), © Matt Goodfellow 2020, used by permission of the author and publisher.

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