Walking with my Iguana

I’m walking
with my iguana

I’m walking
With my iguana

When the temperature rises
to above eighty-five,
my iguana is looking
like he’s coming alive.

So we make it to the beach,
my iguana and me,
then he sits on my shoulder
as we stroll by the sea…..

and I’m walking
with my iguana

I’m walking
With my iguana

Well if anyone sees us
we’re a big surprise,
my iguana and me
on our daily exercise,

till somebody phones
the local police
says I’ve got an alligator
tied to a leash.

when I’m walking
with my iguana

I’m walking
With my iguana

It’s the spines on his back
that make him look grim,
but he just loves to be tickled
under his chin.

And I know that my iguana
is ready for bed
when he puts on his pyjamas
and lays down his sleepy head.

And I’m walking
with my iguana

still walking
With my iguana

With my iguana…
with my iguana…
and my piranha
and my chihuahua
and my chinchilla,
with my gorilla,
my caterpillar…
and I’m walking…
with my iguana…
with my iguana…
with my iguana…

Copyright: from I Wish I Could Dine with a Porcupine (Hodder Wayland , 2000), copyright © Brian Moses 2000, used by permission of the author

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About Walking with my Iguana

I live down near Hastings, and in Hastings there's a guy there who's got a pet iguana and when the weather gets really hot, he takes his iguana on a walk along Hastings beach on a dog lead. Sometimes the iguana sits curled up over his shoulder, they really do look strange, and when I saw them I thought I really must write something about them, and this is called 'Walking with my Iguana'.

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