Zayne Emengo-Okpo from St Aloysius College

Ina jira… 


Ina jiran wannan ya kare  

Don ina so… 

In rungume ku 

In taba ku 

In yi wasa da ku 

In ci abinci tare da ku 

In yi rawa da ku 


Ina jiran wannan ya kare  

Don sabon ni  

Ya hadu da sabon ku 

A cikin sabon duniya 

Da ke cike  

da soyaya da alheri 


English Translation 


I’m waiting… 


I’m waiting for this to end 

So that I can… 

Hug you 

Touch you 

Play with you 

Eat with you 

Dance with you 


I’m waiting for this to end 

So the new me 

Can meet the new you 

In a new world  

Filled with love and kindness 

Copyright: This poem was recorded as part of the Mother Tongue Other Tongue project.

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About Zayne Emengo-Okpo from St Aloysius College

“My name is Zayne Emengo-Okpo. I am 6 years old. I was born in Scotland and my parents are from Nigeria. My family speak Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin. My poem is written in Hausa and describes how I can’t wait for the Coronavirus to go away. Even though it’s been a difficult year, I believe this experience will change us and hopefully make the world a better place.” 

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