At the Pantomime

Yes, it was a great laugh
When one of the ugly sisters thought she was more beautiful
Than her other half,
And it was fun to cheer
When out of the magic lantern with a puff of smoke
We saw the genie appear,
And it was time to weep
When Snow White bit into the shiny apple
Or Beauty pricked her finger and fell asleep,
And it was really good
When the Prince arrived to wake them up
Though of course we knew that he would,
But best of all
When the villain sneaked on
(And no, we didn’t really want him to be gone)
It was absolute bliss
To hiss!

Copyright: from Back to Midnight (Puffin, 1994) first published in The Mad Parrot’s Countdown (Peterloo, 1990) © John Mole 1990, used by permission of the author

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