I Am Brave

Fear of monsters

Fear of dogs

Fear of hurricanes or bogs

Fear of spiders

Fear of feet

Fear of strangers in the street

Fear of anger

Fear of fear

Fear of losing someone dear

Fear of dragons

Fear of night

Fear of all the things that might

Or might not pass

Fear of being last in class


But fear’s OK

Yes, fear’s all right

For now I have it in my sight

And when I’m overwhelmed by fright

I recognise its painful bite

(And that is more than half the fight)


So yes I’m fearful, but I’m brave

And when my fear will not behave

I gently pat it on the head

And send it off to go to bed

Copyright: from Dear Ugly Sisters (Otter-Barry, 2020), © Laura Mucha 2020, used by permission of the author

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