Just One


One more mountain, just the one,

one more trip away with Mum,

one more apple rhubarb pie,

one more amber-lilac sky.

One more chocolate – plain and dark,

a peacock and a national park,

Arctic iceberg, Shetland sheep

and one more really good night’s sleep.

One more day of blazing heat,

one more friend I’d like to meet,

one more bike ride, one more hike, I’d

talk to every bird and bee,

I’d soak them up, I’d set them free

with paint, with words, perhaps a song.

Life is short and life is long,

so quickly please, before it’s gone,

just one more poem.


Copyright: from Dear Ugly Sisters (Otter-Barry, 2020), © Laura Mucha 2020, used by permission of the author / sound design by Bridey Addison-Child

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