Three Limericks

Three Limericks…

A young man with wobbly eyes
used to muddle his g’s and his y’s.
When he said ‘guess’
I guess he meant ‘yes’
and ‘yugs’ was how he said ‘guys’.

There was a young man with a pimple
who said everything in life is simple.
For weeks and weeks
he sucked in his cheeks
and now his pimple’s a dimple.

There was an old man from Crewe
who wanted to know how to moo.
He studied a cow
to try and learn how
but all he could do was boo.

Copyright: from Michael Rosen’s Book of Nonsense (Hodder , 1998), copyright © Michael Rosen 1998, used by permission of the author

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Michael Rosen was born and brought up in London. He says his parents were people who loved jokes, stories and songs. His father used to ...

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