Ash’s Birchday

Ash was pining for a birchday boogie,

so he spruced up and met tree friends of his.


But when he arrived, he saw fir-ty tree friends.


“WAWONA!” said Ash, “COOLABAH!

I can’t beleaf yew threw me a surprise party!

I really hadn’t twigged! I walnut say any more…

Except thank yew! I did knot realise I was so poplar!”


Everybodhi had such a larch. Beech made

acorn-y speech before singing,

“Happy birchday to yew!” (very badly).


“It’s been tremendous, but it’s time

for me to gingko,” said Linden.


“No Wye?” said Ash.


“I have to bough out before I go kapok!”


“I need to lime down,” said Elm,

“Can you karri me holm?”


Ash was berry, berry sad that everybodhi was



“Did you have fun, you old chestnut?” asked



“Yes,” Ash smiled. “It was wonderboom!

Copyright: from Dear Ugly Sisters (Otter-Barry, 2020), © Laura Mucha 2020, used by permission of the author / sound design by Bridey Addison-Child

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