Bug Parade

When the bugs decided 

to have a parade 

ten quintillion came 

who can guess what they weighed 


Wings and antennae 

went trembling a-shiver 

while mini-legs scuffled 

all directions a-quiver 


It was just twilight time 

not quite moon not quite sun 

that cockeyed mad moment 

beasties love to have fun 


Off they went furrowing 

jumping and burrowing 

scampering scurrying 

teeny specks hurrying 


They whirred slid and squirmed 

swam buzzed and turned 

playing hooraying 

batty bug holidaying 


They whizzed by all zipping 

glittering then flittering 

diving and gliding 

whoops sometimes colliding 


Advancing while dancing 

speeding receding 

straying sashaying 

wild buggy horseplaying 


Teetering and skeetering 

metering and greetering 

creepering and crawlering 

a great insect ballering 


But most bugs hate lines 

there were ten quintillion whines 

as they acted their worst 

pouting, I must go first 


Us us us called the Ants 

we know the way 

we have to go first 

ant starts with A 


What a loud babbling fuss 

a bug rumpus and more 

a million species spinning 

a deafening uproar 


At last they agreed 

that the ants would proceed 

with Bumblebees busily 

following their lead 


Our turn next chirped the 


in an ear-splitting blast 

no us snapped Dragonflies 

as Earwigs crept past 


Fireflies spun overhead 

in a ring of bright lights 

while Grasshoppers and 


high-hopped in delight 


Inchworms and June bugs 

kept checking the time 

as katydids and Lacewings 

squeaked this row is mine 


Mosquitoes and Netwings 

Owlflies Planthoppers 

swooped about singing 

every bug-tune showstopper 


The Question Mark Butterflies 

all orange and brown dots 

claimed a row to themselves 

joking we deserve some good spots 


Rice Weevils and Stink Bugs 

laughed as they twined 

whooping we love a parade 

as Termites crept behind 


Underwings and Vine Borers 

began to slow down 

hurry up buzzed the Wasps 

those Xylodromumses are around 


At last came Yellow Mealworms 

striped Zebra Butterflies 

swarming wispy whirls 

as moonbeams lit the sky 


All bugs at last arrived 

parading endless rows 

when ten quintillion roared at once 





Copyright: from When Poems Fall from the Sky (ZaZaKids Books, 2021) copyright © Zaro Weil 2019, used by permission of the author

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