Hide and Seek

I decided to play a game with quiet


hide and seek

my turn

I slipped into the woods

looking for quiet


a cacophony of forest-crackle

a hullabaloo of beast-babble

sprang towards me while

a Tweedledum of pandemonium

circled above

it was a free-for-all

and even the sun

jangled copper

between the leaves


so much for the forest


I went to the sea

searching for quiet

but the waves trumpeted

a rumbling ruckus

a crash of crinkle-crests while

squarking gulls sky-dived into

wind-trembled sea and

seashells crunched underfoot

as a medley of

fat green seaweed

slapped the sand

non-stop non-stop


so much for the sea


but then I turned

and quiet tagged me

I stopped

forest stopped

sea stopped

I found quiet

it must have been hiding

the whole time

inside my words

inside of me


Copyright: from Cherry Moon (ZaZaKids Books, 2019) copyright © Zaro Weil 2019, used by permission of the author

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