Dawn Meets The Queen

The chandeliers were like upside-down sparkly trees,
the sofas were as long as stretch limousines.

I sunk, waist-deep, in red carpet,
nibbled miniature scones.

Watched by her Rembrandt and Vermeer
the Queen came near. She smiled.

“And which school are you from?
Are you enjoying your visit?”

I ran to my teacher.
“I’ve just spoken to THE QUEEN!”

My mouth was as wide as Japan.
“Really, she’s just like my Nan!”

Copyright: from The Humpback’s Wail (Rabbit Hole Publications, 2010), © Chrissie Gittins 2010, used by permission of the author

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Chrissie Gittins uses a very wide range of forms and poetic devices – lists and limericks, narrative and nursery rhymes, shape poems ...

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About Dawn Meets The Queen

I was lucky enough to be one of fourteen poets running workshops with two hundred schoolchildren at Buckingham Palace. After the workshops the Queen came and chatted to each group of schoolchildren, and I listened while she talked to the group that I'd been working with.

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