Harry the Hamster

Harry the hamster, in his ball,
rolled round the bedroom,
rolled round the hall.
He rolled to the bathroom,
he rolled to the stairs
where a huge teddy bear
took him clean unawares.

He rolled slap-bang into
the honey hall wall,
but that didn’t stop him
for he was so small
and a whole world awaited
Harry in his ball.

On Monday he rolled down the garden,
on Tuesday he rolled down the road,
on Thursday he rolled down a bike path
till he was stopped in his tracks
by a toad.

On Friday he rolled to New Brighton,
on Saturday to warm Singapore,
on Sunday he yawned, climbed back
in his cage, and all day
simply rolled in his straw.

Copyright: from Now You See Me, Now You …(Rabbit Hole Publications, 2002, 2009), © Chrissie Gittins 2002, used by permission of the author

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About Harry the Hamster

Sam and Esther had a hamster called Harry, and when I used to visit them they'd put him in one of those perspex balls which would career around the top of the house banging into walls, waking me up just as I was hoping to drop off to sleep...

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