Wasp on the Tube

Wasp on the Tube

If I knew how I got here
I wouldn’t have commmmmmmmmme,

those doors banged shut,
that was the end of my funnnnnnnnnnn,

I’m buzzing around
and causing a hummmmmmmmmmmm,

they’re all looking up
and they think I am dummmmmmmmb.

I want to escape,
get back to the sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,

that boy’s going mad
and grabbing his Mummmmmmmmmm,

if we weren’t in a tunnel
I know they’d all runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,

at last, King’s Cross,
my tube journey’s donnnnnnnnnnnnnnne.

Copyright: from The Humpback’s Wail (Rabbit Hole Publications, 2010), © Chrissie Gittins 2010, used by permission of the author

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Chrissie Gittins uses a very wide range of forms and poetic devices – lists and limericks, narrative and nursery rhymes, shape poems ...

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About Wasp on the Tube

I was travelling across South London in a Tube and I noticed that a wasp flew into the carriage, and then the doors shut...

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