The Tale of Dotty Cuddletum

There was a young girl called Lottie
whose tum was ever so spotty,
she pulled up her vest
inspected her chest
and then went to sit on her potty.

The spots were all over her arms and her legs,
she even had one on her nose.
When she took off her socks
and wiggled her feet
she had seventeen spots on her toes.

‘Don’t worry’ said Mummy,
‘Don’t worry’ said Daddy,
‘we’ll go to the shop tomorrow
for a bottle of potion called calamine lotion
then we’ll just see how it goes.’

By the end of the week,
the treatment complete,
Lottie was not quite so spotty.
She patted her tum and began to have fun
from that day her nickname was Dotty.

Copyright: from Now You See Me, Now You … (Rabbit Hole Publications, 2002, 2009), © Chrissie Gittins 2002, used by permission of the author

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