Lost It, Found It

I looked inside a pocket
I looked beneath a garden rock
I looked into an elephant’s eye
I looked in a flower pot

I looked on the top of a double-decker bus
I looked in a second-hand shop
I looked past the red of a rainbow
I looked inside a book

I looked on the top of a mountain
I looked down the bottom of a well
I looked in the toe of a wellington boot
I looked inside a shell

I looked in the pouch of a kangaroo
I looked into the sea
I looked up a redbrick chimney
I looked in a hole in a tree

I looked in sunlight, I looked in rain
I looked in a lift, I looked on a train
I looked in the chorus of a song
Guess where I found it?

Here! It was right here all along

Copyright: from If You Could See Laughter (Salt, 2010), © Mandy Coe, 2010, used by permission of the author and Salt Publishing

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