Questions for a Dad

Can you sleep when it’s dark Dad?
Do monsters march round in your head?
Does your heart thump when you hear a creak?
Do you have to check under the bed?

Are you embarrassed when you’re with girls Dad?
Do they giggle when you walk by?
Don’t you hate it when girls say they love you?
Does it make you all red-faced and shy?

I miss you when you’re at work Dad,
do you sometimes think of me too?
How much money do you make Dad?
And what is it you actually do?

Is it hard being a man Dad?
Is it prickly having a beard?
Do you feel just like me – only bigger?
Is being a dad really weird?

Copyright: from If You Could See Laughter (Salt, 2010), © Mandy Coe, 2010, used by permission of the author and Salt Publishing

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